Our Story

When our first children were born, our world changed! We started paying attention to all the little things that we’d normally not have cared about.  What our children put in their mouth, whether it be food or a toy, became very important.  With our background in product design and development, we began designing products for our little ones. 

All Nenu products are 100% Made in the USA.  Safety tested & Certified.  Medical grade Material.  Baby teethers, forks and spoons for kids.  Free of Phthalate, Latex, Vinyl, BPA.

Blue bud on yellow.jpg

Patented shape designed to reach all the hard to get places.

Blue bug Big.jpg

Teether Bug

Ergonomic loop designed for easy grasping and building fine motor skills.

Fork on wood 2.jpg






Little legs prop up Fork to stabilize it from rolling around and causing a mess.




Little legs prop up Spoon to stabilize it from rolling around and causing a mess.

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What people are saying about Nenu!


 It's a great way to keep the spoon hygienically safe from any counter top, especially when you are out with your baby in public places. Nenu's spoons are not only innovative but they come in a beautiful range of colors.”
-The Small Little Blog
“The teether bug is the only bug you’ll ever actually want in your house”
-Hungry Home Maker Blog


Nenu makes a very cool spoon with legs. Yes, legs. This not only keeps it elevated off dirty tabletops (handy when you’re dining out, btw) but it helps elevate the spoon so little hands can pick it up.”
-The Baby Guy


The design of the nenu teethers makes it easy for little hands to grab and the legs of the teether are similar to the size of a finger, so baby can chomp on them easily and reach back gums. “
-The Baby Guy



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